You can count on Advanced Home Inspections for comprehensive,professional inspections by a qualified inspector. Available services include complete pre-purchase inspections, pre-listing inspections, new home inspections, 1-year warranty inspections, wind mitigation inspections, four-point insurance inspections, and commercial inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections
A pre-purchase inspection is typically performed to determine whether proceeding with the purchase of an existing home is prudent. Home purchase contracts often contain a provision for a home inspection and certain stipulations concerning the condition of various home systems and components.

The pre-purchase inspection is a visual examination of the structure, systems and surroundings of the home. The inspection includes a qualitative description of the major systems of the home and a guide to required repairs and upgrades. We provide an on-site review of our inspection findings and a detailed inspection report. So that any problems and concerns are clearly understood, inspection reports are both easy to read and supplemented with photographs. Reports are E-Mailed or made available on our website within 24 hours. At a minimum, each Advanced Home Inspection includes the following:

  • Foundations
  • Roofs & Gutters
  • Exterior & Interior Walls
  • Doors & Windows
  • Attic Insulation
  • Porches & Decks
  • Sidewalks & Driveways
  • Plumbing & Fixtures
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Water Heater
  • Electrical Fixtures
  • Switches & Receptacles
  • Basement & Crawl Spaces
  • Electrical Service Panel
  • Floor Structures
  • Walls & Ceilings
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Fireplace & Flue

Pre-Listing Inspection
Having your home inspected before you list is the recommendation found in the new edition of the book, Sell Your Home For More by Nick Gromicko.

Eventually your buyers are going to conduct an inspection. You may as well know what they are going to find by getting there first. The author points out that having an inspection performed ahead of time helps in many other ways:

  • It allows you to see your home through the eyes of a critical third-party.
  • It helps you to price your home realistically.
  • It permits you to make repairs ahead of time so that ...
  • Defects don't become negotiating stumbling blocks later.
  • There is no delay in obtaining the Use and Occupancy permit.
  • You have the time to get reasonably priced contractors or make the repairs yourself, if qualified.
  • It may encourage the buyer to waive the inspection contingency.
  • It may alert you of items of immediate personal concern, such as radon gas or active termite infestation.
  • It may relieve prospect's concerns and suspicions.
  • It reduces your liability by ...
  • Adding professional supporting documentation to your disclosure statement.
  • Alerting you to immediate safety issues before agents and visitors tour your home.

Copies of the inspection report along with receipts for any repairs should be made available to potential buyers.

New Home Inspections
New home inspections are just as important as an inspection of an existing older property.  Significant structural deficiencies and safety concerns, along with many less significant but important and potentially costly deficiencies, are often encountered during new home inspections.

Advanced Home Inspections can tailor an inspection plan to fit your needs and budget. We recommend at least three inspections to review the home at specific intervals or phases during construction to insure that the work is performed in an appropriate, workmanlike manner. Typical phases are before the slab is poured, after rough framing, plumbing and electrical completion (before installation of insulation and wallboard), and after final completion of home (before settlement). We also perform inspections for homeowners before their 1 year home warranty runs out.

Wind Mitigation Inspections
Wind Mitigation Inspections are a little known secret that can save homeowners hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Windstorm inspections look for construction features that have shown to reduce losses in hurricanes, such as a hip roof, concrete block construction, the presence of gable-end bracing, shutters and opening protections. More than 90% of existing homes have one or more of these features. (A hip roof alone will provide up to a 47% discount of the "wind" portion of your insurance premium) A Windstorm Mitigation Inspection must be performed by a certified Wind Mitigation Inspector.

Advanced Home Inspections is licensed by the State of Florida to conduct these inspections and we would be happy to help you lower your windstorm premiums.

Four Point Insurance Inspections
Insurance companies are increasingly asking their clients to furnish a four-point inspection when activating or renewing their policies. This is the norm for most homes over twenty years of age. A four-point inspection updates the condition of the roofing, electrical, plumbing and heating and air conditioning components of a structure.

Advanced Home Inspections has performed hundreds of these inspections to the satisfaction of Gainesville and Ocala area insurance companies.

Construction Draw Inspections
Draw phase inspections of new construction satisfy that funds can be released for the next stage of construction based upon completion of previous construction.  These draw inspections can be customized to fit your needs or the needs of your lender.  We can use our draw forms or use forms that your lender provides.

1 Year Home Warranty Expiration Inspection
If your home was not inspected during the construction phases,  it is extremely important that you have it inspected before your 1 year warranty from the builder expires.